Should I Change Ad Network?

Like any other business – websites also need proper care to reach all the potential opportunities to generate more revenue. To gauge your website, you must keep an eye on page RPM, session RPM, fill rate, time on page, bounce rates, and page speed because these factors can help you to improve your website performance along with SEO – or get into a partnership with any Ad network.

All these data can be taken from Google Analytics, and Ad Manager reports. Taking help from an Ad Network can also help you increase your website’s revenue.

Ad Network

What Are Ad Networks?

Ad Networks are the mediator between a group of publishers and advertisers. They are liable for assisting publishers with selling the remainder of inventory and monetizing unsold using direct deals.

They can likewise channel certain measures required, like geological area, browser types, working framework, and device targeting. This implies we can team up with them and save additional time.

When Should You Change Your Ad Network?

Although Ad networks deal with great hassle on your behalf, along with services, it brings some limitations. However, these limitations are consistently implemented to maintain Ads’ quality and performance.

Ads networks also care whether Ads are relevant to your website content. But still, you should keep auditing your website, and you can even switch your Ad network if it’s not performing up to the mark. You should consider the following points:


A publisher works harder to design, create content, and drive organic traffic to his website. No one wants to lose it because of irrelevant and annoying ads. The relevancy of Ads is so essential.

If you face such activity from your Ad network, you should complain about it. And if they do not take action, drop them out before your users start dropping you out.

Quality Of Inventory:

The quality of Ad inventory has a major effect on users. Intrusive Ad format can likewise influence your bounce rate and advertisement income.

Ad Formats:

Always look forward to this; are the ad formats causing render block or increased website load time? You should consider an ad network that provides ads that take minimal time to load.

CPM Offers:

Rates can change inside the business. Ensure you get the best CPM rates for your ad inventory.

Fill rate – Every ad demand that doesn’t get filled and appears to clients is viewed as lost potential ad revenue. Pick an ad network that can guarantee a decent fill rate and makes the most of each chance to show an ad on your site.


Most of the ad networks utilize a dashboard open to each publisher. It should be made accessible for them to follow the ad network execution in real time. This can assist you with analyzing their performance in analyzing data inconsistencies.

If, in any case, they are hiding the dashboard, which should be an alarming situation for you. You should not ignore it. Demand for access or switch your network.


Concluding whether to switch ad networks can get muddled quickly, particularly if you don’t comprehend the elements of what was referenced previously. When you collaborate with Increaserev, you don’t need to stress over it.

You only have to worry about – making content, updating your site, and developing your business. We’ll deal with ad optimization and assist you with taking full advantage of your ad inventory.

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