Why Adsense Ads Not Showing

Are you worried that the Adsense ads not showing on your website or blog? And you want to show Adsense ads, so that increases your revenue. If this is the situation you’re experiencing, learn the four most common factors why your Google AdSense advertisements may not appear.

A fast and easy approach to including advertising into your website is using Google AdSense Ads. Automated advertising is a terrific option to monetize your site if you are unfamiliar with advertisements or just lack time to manage their manual arrangement and placement.

Publishers occasionally discover—surprisingly, given how easy the service is to use—that there is no advertising on their website. Continue reading this blog to find out more about the intricacies and simple solutions to your Adsense ad problems.

adsense ads not showing

How Long Does It Take For AdSense Ads To Appear?

If you’ve recently applied on Google, and Adsense ads are not showing on your website, it is entirely normal. Because according to Google Ads Help, Ads are normally approved within 1-2 business days, which means 24 to 48 hours, based on the complexity of the advertisement.

However, Google advises approaching their support for more details if ads are being reviewed for more than two business days.

The status of advertisements is “Under review.” “Eligible” will be the result if the advertisement is authorized. Ads that are rejected show up as “Disapproved,” and Google will comment on any specific policy breaches and offer advice on how to fix the problem.

Why Are Adsense Ads Not Showing

The following are the 4 possible reasons that could resolve your ads not showing in my website query completely.

·There hasn’t been enough time passed yet

Display advertising could not start to appear on your website or elsewhere for a few days as a result of this phase in the activation process.

Usually, mobile advertising appears first, followed by desktop versions. While waiting for the activation procedure can be unpleasant and time-consuming, certain strategies could help you pass the time more quickly.

Before starting processing your website, it is essential to check that all the credentials in your Google AdSense account, including your payment information, are appropriately configured. Furthermore, more information will be available the longer your Google AdSense account has been active and the more visitors your website receives. This will hasten the analyzing process and hasten the creation of your AdSense adverts.

Ad display times can be cut down by enabling auto advertising. If you utilize auto advertising, Google will evaluate your website and choose the best locations to display your advertisements.

·Your ad blocker is turned on

Your AdSense advertisements might not display if you check them on your device if you are actively using an ad blocker on your browser. Depending on whether your advertisements are appearing for other users, ad blockers restrict the display of any adverts, including yours.

You ought to be able to see any AdSense advertising you are displaying by disabling or switching off your ad blocker and refreshing the website. It is crucial to remember that some antivirus programs might also have built-in ad blockers, which may be another source of contention when users cannot view your adverts.

If that’s not the case for you, and you’re still worried about why are my display ads not showing, then the below 2 options could be a possible problem.

·You are running an excess number of ads

Google advises users to keep the number of adverts on any given web page to a minimum. This law is justified since excessive advertising can drive visitors away from your website. If you have too much advertising running on your website, AdSense may punish you and stop its ads from appearing.

The auto advertising on your website cannot display if you also use manual AdSense ad placements.

·You’re Missing Your Ads.txt File

Ad networks require an Authorised Digital Seller file to display advertising on your website, also referred to as ads.txt. You can obtain a customized ads.txt file from your AdSense account that will contain your publisher ID. When it comes time to validate, an organization ensures the ads.txt file is present and formatted correctly.

Make sure the publication ID is accurate by checking. Add your publisher ID to these ad.txt files in your AdSense account by clicking Sites. To enter your publication ID into the file, copying and pasting is an option.

How Do I Fix Ads Not Loading?

Now that you know why Adsense ads are not showing on your websites. It’s time to look over some great solutions that could assist you in troubleshooting it. 

·Clear the Cache in Your Browser

You might be viewing a cached copy of your site from before the AdSense advertisements started to appear if your AdSense ads are still not appearing. To view the most recent version, try to clear the cache in your browser. This is how:

Chrome –To clear your browsing history, select More Tools by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen. You can also access it by simultaneously holding down CTRL, SHIFT, and DEL.

Safari –Select Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data from the Apple menu at the top of the page by clicking Safari. Select the site you want to refresh or click Remove All.

·Verify that your AdSense account is configured correctly

Ensure all the information is properly entered into the account for new websites to approve them and begin showing advertisements. For instance, you should have the Code put on your site, and your payment information must be accurate and up to date.

Check the AdSense policy center for any notices or flags that might point to an issue. Your website could be flagged for several reasons, such as:

  • Your website is still awaiting authorization or approval.
  • AdSense recognizes fraudulent traffic.
  • Your website has received a spam tag.
  • Due to violations of Google policy, the site is ineligible.
  • Several plug-ins, pieces of Code, or optimizations prohibit the display of adverts.
  • It utilized the incorrect publisher ID.

·Look over the AdSense Code

The AdSense code must be properly added for advertisements to appear on publishers’ websites. This HTML snippet informs Google that you have permitted them to display ad units on your website. Auto ads, display ads, amp auto ads, and other ad types won’t display unless you have an ads.txt file in your directory with your accurate publisher ID and the AdSense code on your page.

Go to your AdSense account, click Ads Overview, and then pick Ad Unit to verify that your Code is correct. Select Get Code after locating the desired ad unit in the Existing Ads Unit table. Match that to the webpage code you have.

·Verify that JavaScript is activated

You might not be able to view Google Ads on your website if JavaScript is deactivated in your browser. Follow these instructions according to the type of web browser you’re using to verify:

Chrome –Select Settings from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, then click Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. To access the Content Settings, locate the Privacy option and click it. Select Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript under JavaScript.

Safari –Select Preferences under Safari in the Apple menu at the top of the screen. You should choose Security in the Preferences window, then look for the Web Content area. To enable JavaScript, choose it by clicking the checkbox next to it.


We can help in the process of qualifying your Google Adsense account so that it not only gets approved right away but also places adverts in places where they are more likely to garner higher clicks.

As you can see, several issues could arise and prevent Adsense ads not showing on your website. We advise against handling technological problems on your own unless you hire a professional web developer. As you may risk making matters worse.

Need technical support staff for assessment and troubleshooting. Or if Google has blacklisted your website, Contact Increase Rev! Because we can assist you with getting it unblocked.

We can help in the process of qualifying your Google Adsense account so that it not only gets approved right away but also places adverts in places where they are more likely to garner higher clicks.

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