What Is Display Advertising

What is display advertising? Why is it deemed to be the most successful form of advertising for brands? If you’re also looking for a solution to a similar question, you’ve landed on the right website.

One of the most well-known types of online advertising is display advertising, which promises to be a vital component of the broader digital marketing environment. This piece will examine display advertising in more detail, discussing its pluses, the value of targeting, display advertising networks, and display advertising’s place within a larger digital marketing strategy. So get started.

what is display advertising

What Is Display Advertising?

Online ads, known as “display ads”, include copy, visuals, and a call-to-action (CTA) that directs the user to a landing page. Display advertising is often found at the top, sides, or occasionally amid a website’s content.

Display ads are a quantifiable approach for a brand to achieve its marketing objectives since they are aesthetically appealing, affordable, and efficient. In light of this, display advertising is crucial to any latest media strategy.

Through targeted positions, various ad formats, creativity, and analytics, display advertising has developed into a medium that provides outreach, scale, and effectiveness.

– What Are The 4 Types Of Display Ads?

Now that we are informed of what display advertising is, it’s time to dig into the 4 common types of display ads that every publisher opts for.

The most popular type of display advertising is banner advertising because it stands out the best on websites. They got their name because they resemble a flag in shape. They are merely strip-shaped, hyperlinked, image-based advertisements. They are typically positioned near the top of a website to grab the user’s attention immediately.

·Interstitial Ads

Before you’re taken to the website you first intended to visit, these advertisements appear on a special page. They successfully grab the viewer’s attention since they fill the entire screen.

·Rich Media Ads

Businesses are searching for more inventive ways to display their advertisements because a third of Internet consumers find regular banner advertising to be obnoxious. Using rich media, which entails including engaging, interactive elements like video, audio, and clickable elements in the advertisement, is one such creative tactic.

·Video Ads

Video ads are a bit more costly than display ads, but they are still worthwhile. Marketers can now easily run video ads that draw a lot of interest and interaction due to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

What Are The Basic Elements Of A Display Ad?

      A landing page that has been conversion-optimized

Your site’s homepage is a visitor’s initial thought of that visit; thus, it must do a few things right away: Incorporate a visual and informative link into your display ad to make visitors feel as though they have arrived somewhere acquainted and to encourage them to linger on your website and take a look around.

For instance: if you have an e-booking website, make it clear on your landing page how viewers may obtain a free eBook, as well as offer them additional, relevant points of interest that will entice them to stay on your website longer.

      Reaching Your Real Customers through Targeting

Once you’ve determined your target market, you can develop display ad strategies that directly target them based on their location or online activity.

For instance, your adverts can target local users who have shown interest in rival products. With the help of audience targeting, you may identify your most likely customers and concentrate on attracting their interest and business.

      Adverts that Are Noticeable

Although it may seem easy to create banner ads that pop out, many firms miss out on crucial chances in this area.

Begin with the fundamental components of your visual branding, which are the most crucial things: Your brand is represented by your logo and the fonts and colours you’ve chosen. Utilizing these components consistently increases public awareness of your business and the values it advocates for.

Consider how you’ll let your visual brand do most of the “selling” and utilize as few words as possible because the sleek, uncomplicated design is still incredibly effective in short spaces like banner ads.

      An action-oriented CTA

A Call to Action (CTA) is a crucial component of display advertising since you’re essentially just giving folks a pretty picture they’ll forget about fairly immediately without it. The best CTAs are successful because they inspire visitors to do something rather than just “calling” them to do so.

      An effective tracking system that provides outcomes

You need to comprehend the most crucial metrics and how to monitor them to evaluate the performance of your display advertising campaign.

– What Are The Challenges Of display Ads?

All the above-stated information was just about unwinding what display advertising is, its benefits, and its operations. But some of the essential points or downsides to remember before incorporating display ads are as follows:

  • Users may find them obtrusive and irritating, which is bad for your company.
  • Ad blockers can block them.
  • It might be challenging to stand apart from the competitors.

Despite these obstacles, if used properly, display advertising may be a potent tool for connecting with your target demographic and accomplishing your marketing objectives.

What Are The Examples Display Advertising?

·        PayPal

what is display advertising

The option to pay with your Venmo account is a new function that PayPal is promoting in this advertising.

This is an illustration of a display advertisement where the objective is to increase recognition of a new service instead of producing quick conversions. It is hoped that by making the target market aware of the brand-new function, they would employ it in the coming.

·        Adobe

what is display advertising

The software employed by imaginative individuals like design professionals, graphic artists, and video editors is what makes Adobe most well-known. Adobe consequently keeps its language clear when marketing its software offerings to people and companies.

These display advertisements successfully address the target demographic while adhering to the brand’s purpose due to vibrant visuals, understandable writing, and strong calls to action.

5 Primary Factors to Measure Display Ad Performance

  • Click-through rate (CTR) –The CTR is calculated as the sum of clicks and impressions for your ad. CTRs are shown as percentages that indicate how many people saw your display advertising and clicked on them.
  • Conversion Rate –Conversion is advertising’s primary objective. The percentage of people who converted after seeing the advertisement is known as the conversion rate. Based on your strategy, you may perform more than a conversion action, such as getting a customer to buy something or signing up for your mailing list. When your display ad is utilized to create leads, the exchange rate represents the lead conversion rate.
  • Impressions –The number of times your advertisement was seen on a website is known as impressions. Throughout your ad campaign, your advertisement views should increase because this shows you’re reaching a larger audience.
  • Reach –People frequently form impressions and arrive perplexed. Reach is the total amount of individuals who viewed the advertisement, whereas impressions count as the number of times it is displayed on a website.
  • Cost –For your advertisement campaign, you should always establish a budget and track costs to find ways to save costs while boosting other KPIs. You may calculate the campaign’s overall operating expenses, cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The CPM measurement is frequently used in display advertising.


This article ought to have clarified your confusion about “what is display advertising and why it is significant” and served as a reminder of the value of employing display advertising as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

Display ads are a great method to build brand recognition and turn prospects into purchases in a manner that is entirely proactive, conversational, and customized.

We can assist you if you want to take your display advertising efforts to the next level. It’s crucial to expand your online business, and at Increase Rev, we’ll employ our tested frameworks expertise to produce quantifiable outcomes for your company.

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