How to Increase RPM?

Hi guys, in this post, we will discuss how to increase rpm. Revenue per mile is the amount of money you earn from any demand source per 1,000 views. Every publisher’s ultimate and open goal is to reach the highest RPM in less time. Although it is not that easy to increase RPM in the initial stages, following the right direction can help you to reach it soon:

how to increase rpm

How To Calculate RPM?

RPM is calculated as total revenue divided by total views times 1000. 

RPM = Estimated Earning / Total Page views*1000

For further illustration, let’s imagine: Increaserev has 2500 monthly page views, and its estimated earnings are $2.5. So RPM will be $1.

RPM = $2.5 /2500 * 1000 = $1

Factors That Increase RPM:

The 7 major factors that directly increase RPM:

Click-Through-Rates (CTR):

Measurement of clicks on an ad per thousand ad impressions. This is so important to design a strategy to get more genuine clicks. The more clicks you get, the more revenue you have. A higher CTR eventually represents high-quality ad inventory, which would be sold on the highest bid during the auction.

Abnormal CTR:

Things like change rate, cost per click and bounce rate should be blended in before naming a keyword “great” or “awful”. A decent CTR is anything above 0.50%. A low CTR is anything below 0.10%.

Fraudulent clicks can increase or reduce CTR, and practices like placing ad inventory in a place where they can get click unintentionally. Like putting it like native Ads, without mentioning an Ad tag, Or placing it looks like a hyperlink. Placing ads with pop-up buttons can also

manipulate users.

CTR above 2% and below 0.5% is abnormal CTR.


CPC – the ability of an advertiser to pay for one click. RPM and CPC are directly proportional to each other. To increase RPM, and CPC, ensure the ads are highly relevant and resonate well with the readers. If you’re using an ad network, check their targeting criteria, and optimize it. If you are serving ads programmatically, the targeting will be taken care of automatically.

How to calculate CPC:

Total Earning / Clicks = Answer

Quality Content:

Content quality is the foundation and most important point that can never get ignored by anyone. Search Engines look for the best content that can fully answer any query. That’s how your webpage can get ranked so that organic users can reach you.

These are organic users who can increase the value of your ad inventory.

Internal Links:

Using internal links helps the user to visit other web pages of your website, which will increase his stay time. It also creates more chances for a user to get attracted towards a product and make a purchase.

Avoid Render Blocking:

Render blocking slows down your website’s speed, increasing the bounce-back rate, which is not suitable for RPM. To maintain good RPM, you need to minify all JS and CSS files so that your

the website delivers content smoothly without any obstacles.

Focus On Site Speed:

Website speed matters a lot. If your website is running faster – ads will also fill fast. Serving good quality content with good speed delivers content – that makes users visit your website

repeatedly. And if they do so, it will increase their stay time and persuade them to display ads on your website.

Ad Viewability:

As per eMarketer, the ad viewability on the desktop is around half. This implies that practically 50% of the advertising venture goes to ads that nobody ever sees. For publishers, this means that if the advertisers changed for the time being to pay just for visible impressions, they would lose a significant percentage of their income.

In this way, it’s to everybody’s greatest advantage at that point to take measures to build ad viewability. Ad viewability greatly impacts CTR, which is the ultimate impact on RPM.

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