Top Tips To Boost Organic Traffic

Organic traffic can simply define as traffic; which visits your website through search engine results, not through promotion. Alright, let’s make it simpler; have you ever searched for how to fix your phone or anything you want to do by yourself?

If the answer is yes, you will have visited the websites on the first page. Now you were an organic visitor for the publisher.

But why is it that website? How it got the Search Engine’s attention and ranked high? Or what was the reason you opted to go with that result rather than considering the second or third page?

These are questions that successful publishers ask themselves before creating content. Why is organic traffic significant? How to get Organic traffic to your website? These are common but confusing questions; let’s make them simple with simple tricks.

boost organic traffic

Try To Please Consumers, Not Search Engines:

A common practice of publishers, which is somehow their biggest mistake, is “They try to please search engines rather than consumers.” You need to understand this; algorithms rank higher results relevant to the query.

If your ultimate goal is to get optimized by Search engines, you’ll never achieve it. You have to work on your content; try to improve it if it’s already available on a competitor’s website. Use a catchy Meta description comprised of some portion of the query.

Stay consistent:

Apart from an audience perspective, this habit can build your positive image in Search Engines. Google and other CDN need consistent publishers who do not rely on a few posts and try to earn from only those posts.

Be Specific:

Do not drag topics just for word counts, from a user’s perspective, if you search things. You’ll find yourself looking for a précised answer. People are on your website to get answers to their queries, so keep yourself limited to that rather than boring them with long tails.

Use featured Snippets:

A Featured snipped or answer box is one of the most important and beneficial ways to get organic traffic to your website. If your page ranks anywhere in the top10 Google search results, it has a chance to also get the #0 spot — a featured snippet. The best part is that amount of effort required to get featured is almost zero (that is if you get lucky).

Use Data & Metrics For Analysis of Organic Traffic:

Using analytics will keep you aware of where the visitor came from, his experience and what keyword his query was. This thing will let you know where you need to do the modification. Keep updating your content according to the visitor’s experience.

Welcome Incoming Links:

Google prioritizes websites with lots of incoming links, especially from authentic websites. This practice can also help you to rank on Search Engines, whereas ranking sites cannot be hidden from searchers.

Plug Into Blogo Sphere:

The Blogo sphere is a platform where people usually visit for multiple answers. Write your blogs over there, and connect to your website. Frequent users might visit your website after reading a blog or post. Platforms like Quora and Pinterest are quite popular and trusted among netizens.

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